I’m Thankful for: Seeing Beyond My Limitations

This morning, I woke up just like every other day.

However, today is not like every other day because yesterday I wrapped the last movie of my career.

I wanted to go out and celebrate this milestone, instead I went home exhausted and in need of rest. I have a cold.

It is typical for people to get sick when they wrap a movie because you go from working 60 hour weeks in a high stress/ pressure environment to zero. This to many in my industry is “normal”. This to me and anyone who is in wellness or mindful knows that this is not normal. It’s not healthy either. I was sick just a month ago with the flu and I hoped that that was the only illness I would get from this show. The universe really wants to ring it home that I am not meant to be here anymore.

I woke up this morning a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to celebrate yesterday. I know that was my expectation, which is why I feel the disappointment.

This morning I realized I get to celebrate this choice the rest of my life.


Today, I am thankful for Seeing Beyond My Perceived Limitations. My vision for my life, coupled with my calling allowed me to make the choice to leave the perceived comfort of my former industry.

I know I am embarking on the road less traveled and I know eyes are on me.

I have seen and heard the yearning from others who want to make the same steps. I understand that struggle. I am thankful that I broke through and am now on the other side.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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