Prayers Guided by the Universe

I am moving. It is happening in only 25 days. I left space, these past three moths, for my life or the universe to keep me in Los Angeles. Every time I meditated on it, it was affirmed that it is time for me to move. Even towards the middle of February, I started to know that my time to leave is now.

This new life is calling me and already bringing great opportunities that I feel are very much aligned with my heart and my calling.

In the middle of march, I attended an amazing training, which I will write about soon. I also played with the idea of doing similar industry work on the east coast, which is not what I am meant to do or where I am meant be at this time.

When I got back into town, I was over whelmed at the daunting task that moving requires. I’ve been in the process of getting everything in order, sorted, donated or packed. I am also wrapping up my life and saying my goodbyes before the big move.

If all this were not enough, I started my 30 Days of Prayer and Meditation for the month of April. I thought about pushing this off, but each time I had that thought, I was guided to stay the course.

No one has submitted prayer requests, but I choose to keep my commitment to the universe and gave it dealers choice.

It scares me a little, to allow the universe to guide me where to pray only because there is so much trauma, wounding, anger, suffering, and pain everywhere and there are still large amount of people that are in denial about it.

So far I am guided to post all the wisdom on Instagram for now, but a post, or poem may emerge which I will post here if/ when the time comes.

Today’s wisdom talks about who we follow.

Following this day and age extends beyond our friends, mentors and role models and dives into youtubers, tv personalities, movie stars, political leaders, media outlets, social movements etc. The people or ideologies we choose to follow, become our circle of influence. May you never loose sight of who you are at your core. May you never get so wrapped up in a life or ideology that does not bring your joy.


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  1. Where are you moving to? Best of luck!

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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