30 Days of Prayer : Everything You Need

Happy Wednesday! I am slowly chipping away at packing. It sometimes feels like I am making a dent and other times I feel like I have so much to do. Regardless, I am making progress and I am ahead of my tasks. (A blessing from my former career is that it helped me strengthen and deepen my skills in the area of logistics, planning and time management.)

As I was packing today, I was thinking about the life I built out here in Los Angeles. Looking back, each year felt very different than the year before and different than when I lived it.

I have been in conversation with Spirit for a long time. Today, it dawned on me that I am on the cusp of getting the answers to some of my oldest conversations that I have had with Spirit. Getting a glimpse of the answer that is upon me was reassuring.

I feel Spirit is being gentle with me because I am in flow with Spirit and I am rising up from a place of love, to be of service to Spirit and the community.

Thinking about the answers that are in route to me, I thought about the human struggle and yearnings we hold in our hearts and today’s prayer emerged.

We often feel we lack in aspects of our personality, smarts, beauty, humor or love. All these qualities and traits are within us, we just need to uncover them and nurture them.

Often romantic partnerships come together because our partner balances what we feel we need or lack. Sometimes they helps us awaken to ourselves and our own beauty and power.

If you give yourself the gift of you time and own all of you, you may find a partner that does not complete you, but matches you.

Love, Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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