30 Days of Prayer : Move Mountains

I’m in an interesting waiting period. I gave myself the month to move so that I do not feel rushed. I also gave myself time to say goodbye to friends and the life that I have known for the past 7.5 years in LA and 12.5 years in my former career.

I’ve been really efficient with my goodbyes and I am pretty much packed with the exception of the essential things I need to live in this space for my last 10 Days.

These past few days I have made connections with people who are aligned with me and my calling. This is my silver lining from yesterday’s post. While some friendships I loved are on their last leg, newer, truer people are coming into my life at almost light speed. For every one person that is not in my life, a handful of people are entering in their space.

Today I woke up, after a night of being part of a brain trust for a community building event that has been going on in LA for about 2 years. I am excited to be apart of it.

This weekend I spent my time with a friend, whom I met in council. I leaned that he is just as much dedicated to the community as I am and he is continually thinking of ways to foster community. It’s impressive with how many ideas he has and also very inspiring.

My last few days here I am thankful that where I am headed continues to take shape, expand and doors are opening fluidly. I’m in flow and on the right path.

What came up for me in today’s meditation for my 30 Days of Prayer and Meditation is that love and passion can move mountains.

It really is that simple. Through self awareness, you can discover your passion and your gift. May the gift you discover be shared for the greater good. May you one day reach beyond the community you know and extend your hand, love and passion to the greater community.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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