30 Days of Prayer : Violence

Happy Friday! Today’s prayer and meditation really moved me.

As I start to step out into a leadership role to build community, I am starting to think about the people that I have met and the stories they have shared with me. The stories that stand out the most are the most challenging moments of peoples life.

There is so much violence.

Some of it gets reported in the media or to the police and some of it does not. I have heard stories or people who were abused for years by their guardians or romantic partners, without it getting reported or without any degree of resolution. Some people may have been the victims of violence that occurred outside the home and justice may never have occurred so there may be grieving at the loss of innocence or loss of hope for any sense of safety.

There are a lot people who are hurting from being the victims or survivors of violence. There are also a lot of people hurting who do acts of violence on others.

A lot of societies ills stem from misdirection, preoccupation with other matters, self interest or the refusal to see or hear the truth.

We can do better for each other. We need to do better for each other. We can’t wait for a leader to emerge to heal or neighbors. We need to do our part too.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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