The Legacy of Mom

Two years ago I did an ancestral meditation and a womb healing with a Shaman.

The image below reminds me of the womb meditation because I learned that when a baby is born they are born with all their eggs. This means that we have each been in the wombs of our grand mother’s which is pretty cool.

Both meditations brought up the topic of linage and legacy. These meditations, coupled with my mindfulness practice, have made it a challenge for me to see people or anything outside of the context of culture, social construction, social issues, history and lineage.

That awareness completely changes what I would say for a Mother’s Day post. Usually I would say something like thank you mothers for all you do. Or thank you for being our first teachers. Both are true and both are important.

Here is what I say to moms now:

We have been raised by some fierce, strong women who’s strengths we may not have always recognized, understood or valued.

To grow up knowing that you are loved and cared for and to see the humanness of those who raised you brings a whole knew depth to parenting and motherhood. All our parents did the best they could. That is Love, to do the best you can for another.

To all the mothers and those who have been mothered, happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for impacting one or many lives. May we all raise up the women who have nurtured and raised us through our words and actions towards them and others.

May we remember that we are all part of something bigger even at times when we feel insignificant.

May we all hold space in our hearts for those who may be estranged from their mothers, mourning the loss of their mothers or simply can not be with their mothers today do to work or distance.

With deep Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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