Mindful Monday #176 : The Right Step

What will you do next?

I hate that question because it’s such a Western question to ask. We live in a country of doers where time is valued for the money you make aka time equals money. People are perceived to only have value when they are adding to the bottom line for themselves or their place of employment. This way of thinking is leading people to get sick and stressed with no outlet to take care of themselves since we aren’t raised in a culture that teaches or values self-awareness or self-care practices. The culture is shifting, but there is so much that needs to be done in this area.

I have been questioning the step that I took. Could I have done it differently? Could I have stayed in Los Angeles?

Every thing I reassess brings me back to this step.

During my last month in LA, I got a glimpse of what my life could be like with a less demanding career. I was able to go to events that occurred during week nights (which was never possible when I was on a movie because I was released from work each night past eight or later). I was able to connect with more people because I was well rested and had energy to network and attend events that I may have passed on for being too late or too high energy. Plus my body found a new level of peace that I am not sure I ever experienced since I’ve been in my career. For all those reasons and more, I know I made the right choice and took the right step.

Now that I am here, that right step is magnified. The universe is calling me to slow down, rest and focus on my health which differs from my times of rest in LA. My body is at ease and it is allowing me time to connect to Spirit. Having my inner peace allows me to accept what comes in meditation with a level of acceptance I have never experienced prior to now. I have been attending events and networking. What lays ahead is a world of possibilities that I may have missed because of fear, exhaustion and my former career.

It’s amazing to feel so spiritually supported in such an unknown spiritual place and, at the same time, have such clear sight to see what is coming and be able to respond to it accordingly.

Sometimes the steps we make may be the wrong steps or missteps, but they provide rich wisdom toward our next right step. Other times we know the next step is one we must take, even when their is a lot we have to let go of in order to take it. Finally there are steps we must take, even when we can not see anything tangible that we are walking towards. We take that step because it comes from an inner knowing that we can no longer silence or resist.

What step are you on? What step is whispering your or shouting your name?

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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