Mindful Monday #177 – Be at Ease

My body has been at a level of openness and ease that I have not experienced for awhile.

I don’t know when my body became tense? I feel it may have started in the fall of 2012 when I decided to balance my life. Or maybe it was in 2015, when I tried to leave the industry, but later learned I was not ready. I think it may actually be in 2016, when the thought of leaving my career resurfaced and became my through line for the remainder of my time in Los Angeles.

anxiety-2902575_1920.jpgBy the end of my last movie, I could not wait to tap out of the industry and Los Angeles. I had grown in a way that helped me realized I did not want to play the game and I was no longer aligned with the industry.

With public protest after public protest, violence upon violence, people being less open and kind to each other, a national community that does not have unity and morality and justice being disregarded at an alarming rates, it became clear what was more important to me.

“We are not curing cancer,” I would say, when people got stressed at work. “The industry is not worth you health”, I told my boss who had to go into emergency surgery and planned to mange her healing in a way so she could be back to work the same week. After I spoke with her she stayed home that week and worked remotely.

Even with all the awareness I still think, maybe I could go back in a year? Maybe it will be different? Then I remember, the moment I got the sign that my time to leave the industry was upon me. I remember the daily signs that confirmed that leaving my career and my move was part of my journey. Even now that I am home, I get daily reminders that I did the right thing and I am on the right path.

This level of ease I am feeling is surprising to me, because I did not notice the subtle tension until now. It feels like my body exhaled. I feel the tension gradually built up overtime. My body was speaking to me and I did not notice it, until now.

Our bodies hold so much wisdom. They are constantly speaking to us when they are relaxed, tense, hot, cold, aching, tingling etc. Yet, we only listen to them when we are sick or physically wounded. However, it is our responsibility to pay attention and listen to our bodies daily.

On this Mindful Monday, take the time to listen to your body.

Sit in silence for ten minutes. Close your eyes or soften your gaze. Do a body scan in your minds eye, from your feet to your head. Go slow and pay attention. Do you feel any twitching in your toes, legs or arms? Do you notice any pain or sensations anywhere? What do you feel? What is your body telling you?

NOTE: If you do the exercise each day, you will start to get more connected to your body. You can start to feel it’s nuances based on the people you are around, the food you eat, the work you do. Let me know what you discover in the comments below.

Love, Stephanie XO