Pain & Fear

Happy Thursday!

A blog post I wrote last year keeps circulating in my mind. After almost a year of listening and witnessing the expression of fears in the country both one on one and in the larger community, I felt called to write what emerged in my meditation in that particular blog post. It feels like its wisdom is truer now.

One truth is the one listed above. We all know this truth to some degree, but sometimes it can be a challenge for us to identify it in our own lives as it emerges.

I invite you to take a breath each time you hear, see or encounter challenging news or a challenging person. Breathe a slow meditative breath before you respond or not. Be mindful that an emotional reaction is also a response.

If a response emerges, then meditate on it for yourself. When you are able to, try to identify the root cause of that response. Is an only story from your past rooted in it? Is a wound from your past present? Is fear from your past present? Just notice. Be kind to yourself with what you find. Remember to breath and just allow any emotion to pass through you. Next journalist your thoughts and/ or color if they feels like something you need.

Love, Stephanie – XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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