Monthly Archive: July, 2018

Shared Secrets

It may be embarrassing, shameful, light hearted, heart breaking or life changing, but to some degree or another everyone has a secret. Some secrets may go against our identity, make us appear weak… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #49 – This is Me

It’s Tuesday! I love todays song so much. I shared it everywhere, which made me think that I shared it here, when I had not. I am glad I waited, because sharing it… Continue reading

Among Us There Is Struggle

I saw this video early this morning. Based on what I heard, Mr. Knight had a lot of regrets and it sounds like he was in despair. Despair is complete loss of hope.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #180 – At Arms Length

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. A few weeks ago, I felt like my physical therapy (PT) would soon wind down, but minor aches indicated that my body needed more… Continue reading