Mindful Monday #180 – At Arms Length

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

A few weeks ago, I felt like my physical therapy (PT) would soon wind down, but minor aches indicated that my body needed more time to heal. Some basic activities continue to pose challenges for my arms, back and neck which result in headache and body aches.

The past few weeks I went back and forth between feeling great to feeling achy and then getting frustrated. It felt and feels like PT will never end or like my modified living will be my new norm.

My arms have been my biggest challenge and guide during this time. It all began with numbness in my arms, which indicated that something was wrong. Since then, I think about my arms for every aspect of each day, to how I get ready, what I can hold or carry to how I hug or how long I can be out before my body needs rest. My arms have informed me each step of the way.

Being introduced or re-introduced to my arms, with this new lens, has been a gift.

All the capabilities I had throughout my life I never fully acknowledge or appreciated until I had limited use of them every step of the way.

Most of our challenges, like my arms, are at arms length. They are to some degree within our reach to correct, work through or heal. Sometimes the healing or grounding that we need most often is internal healing in our minds with our thoughts or in our hearts with the degree we love or are open to others.

The larger challenges of our country, are challenges that are present in our local communities, family or within us.

For Today’s Mindful Monday think about a challenge that is at arms length for you, your family or community. What can be done to see it differently, learn from it or heal it? In what ways are you being called to grow? What aide can you provide that is within your reach?

Love – Stephanie XO