Among Us There Is Struggle

I saw this video early this morning. Based on what I heard, Mr. Knight had a lot of regrets and it sounds like he was in despair.

Despair is complete loss of hope.

While this mindfulness blog, leans towards positive uplifting content, I share this video because I know people who have attempted suicide and some of my friends parents or siblings have committed suicide.

It is not yet known if Mr, Knight committed suicide, but his body was found early Sunday morning.

We can not live life without acknowledging that among us are people who are deeply struggling, hurting and lost.

This statement may even apply to you in this moment.

If you are struggling remember in moments when all hope is lost, please hold on. There is always light present, around the corner or on the horizon. Seek assistance when you need it. Please remember you are valued and loved even if you don’t feel it or accept it.

For those who want to be of assistance remember that to be mindful is to expand your awareness to see others just a little more clearly and offer assistance where you can. You can hold space for someone, provide resources or simply acknowledging people whom you encounter each day.

While we may not always see eye to eye we ARE a community.

Our communities may be broken and hurting which is a sign or a call that we need to build bridges so that suicide no longer feels like an answer to someone who is in deep struggle.

If anyone feels triggered by this video please talk to someone and express what you feel. Bottling your emotions, slowly eats at you. It is okay to feel what you may be feeling. Please be gentle with yourself today and everyday. Take a few deep meditative breaths in moments that challenge you.

With love – Stephanie XO