Shared Secrets

It may be embarrassing, shameful, light hearted, heart breaking or life changing, but to some degree or another everyone has a secret. Some secrets may go against our identity, make us appear weak or seem unfavorable or we may have a secret that surrounds a dream that we never expressed or followed or a feeling that we never expressed.

I was in college when I first learned of Post Secret (PS). It is a platform for people to share their deepest secrets via an anonymous post card. For some people their may be one person that they share everything with, but for many others depending on the secret or truth it may be a challenge to find someone to talk to about a secret or hard truth.

The emotions, experiences or truths that we dare not share become a sort of invisible prison.

Our bodies may be slightly more tense, our breath may be slightly restricted, we may loose our appetites or gain weight, become an addict or loose sleep as a result of holding a secret. I always advocate for people to tell their secrets or truths because it creates a great exhale within our bodies. Instead of holding a secret in, millions of people, from around the world, go to post secret.

The beauty of sharing your secret or truth is that it allows you to release it, plus it creates spaces for people to relate to your experience and perhaps conjure up the courage to say me too or even speak their own truth.

Recently Soul Pancake teamed up with Post Secret to have strangers read other people’s secrets and something both heartwarming, beautiful and profound happened.

As you head into your weekend think of a truth or secret you may have that you have thought no one can possibly understand or relate to and perhaps consider the opposite. Perhaps browse and maybe you’ll find a secret or truth that is similar to your own.

Love – Stephanie XO

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  1. candidkay says:

    Freeing is the word that comes to mind. I bet these people feel a huge weight lifted . . .

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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