Mindful Monday #181 – Restore Balance

Happy Monday! As summer winds down we may find ourselves at the start of something new.

We may have a new schedule or be at a new school/ career or in a new home or city. Or maybe we are experiencing life without someone like a parent, friend, a partner or a special co-worker. Or maybe we find ourselves without something like our car or home.


Each new experience brings a level of disruption and discomfort. We can choose to resist this new place as long as we want. Or we can choose to restore our balance within the disruption. To be in alignment with wellness, we are invited to restore balance in the new.

Restoring balance does not mean go back to old habits or an old comfort zone.

New moments invite us to stretch ourselves and grow in new ways so we can add more tools to our tool box for navigating life.

Lean into the new. Some days you will be centered, some days may feel off, but as long as you have the intention of balance, balance is where you will soon find yourself.

Today focus on how you can find a little more balance and perhaps some peace in a new moment or experience.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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