Mindful Monday #182 – Significant Relationships

Happy Labor Day! This morning started unplanned and showed me that beauty often emerges from that space.

I woke up naturally this morning at 5:30am. I hoped my body would go back to sleep, but I started to reflect on moments and understandings of my year of you.

About a month ago, my mom asked me about a friend from LA who was at one time more consistent and close to me then they were as time went on. I told her, “I don’t know how he is doing? We haven’t spoken.” I paused for a beat and continued, “When I left LA I knew that I would never see or talk to him again.”

The universe really is patient with us, even though we are not always patient with it.

For about three years, I knew my time in the entertainment industry would end. Prior to my month of writing, I planned to transition out of the industry, but stay in LA. Since that time, work became gradually harder. That was the universes’ nudge to me to move on, but I waited for a bull horn. I wasn’t ready to let go of my relationships or LA.

It wasn’t until July 2016, after trying every other possibility, with minor results that I decided to let go of my attachment to LA and my LA friends. There are people I met during my time in LA that have a special place in my heart. Even though my relationships with them were deeper than superficial friendships, we have since grown apart.

While life desires us to be “with the flow”, it is hard to see the truth of some signifiant relationships and willingly let them go because its for the best for your growth. The only person I knew I would talk to is Brother Teddy. I didn’t think I would talk to anyone else because not everyone knows I left. I also allowed the universe to take any relationship it desired, because to me that is what letting go of attachment means.

To my surprise, I have kept in contact with more people then I thought. I talk to former bosses pretty regularly, who are also friends and mentors. In hind sight, those relationships are more significant then some friendships that I thought were significant. I’m thankful to not be in denial of this truth. I have also kept in touch with girl friends who I met in LA, but live in other states. Each of these women, I clicked with right away when we first me. We have all been on the same page and have had the same focus for our lives. It’s these relationships that are helping me navigate and process this next phase of uncertainty.

As you experience this week, rather then focus on relationships that feel significant, allow significant relationships to present themselves to you. Be willing to let go of relationships that are short-term or superficial and remember, the best or Significant relationships last the test of time and distance.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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