Mindful Monday #183 – The Backburner

Wisdom is everywhere.

We hear it from our teachers or parents/ guardians when we are young. We gain wisdom with each experience we have from childhood and beyond. We may read wisdom in poems or books or hear it in lectures or conversations. We may even speak our personal wisdom to our friends and colleagues.

Wisdom is so present in our lives that it will find us if we run.

We can ignore it, turn off our ears to hear it or close our eyes to not see it. If we close ourself off to wisdom, we will be jolted by the unexpected divorce, work termination, car accident, health concern, death of a loved one etc. All of the unexpected that is there to wake us up to a new possibility, perspective or wisdom.

It is easy for many of us to list what is the most important to us: friends, family, work, home, possessions etc. Can you just as easily list the items that you place on your back burner? What things do you put off, that are building up or need your attention? How does it feel to think about your back burner? Or think about each item that is placed on it?

Is there a relationship that drains you or cuts you down? Is there a health concern that you push aside because work or someone else needs your time, love and attention more? Is there a task at home that will make your home cozier or tranquil, that you put off because you have limited time or energy?

How often do you place yourself, your health and your needs on the back burner to one degree or another? Examples of putting yourself last are:

  • Silence (i.e. not using your voice to address your needs or boundaries)
  • Enduring relationships that do not nurture you
  • Staying in a job or career that drains you
  • Putting off rest and relaxation
  • Putting off doctors visits, medical tests, exercise
  • The recurring thought that you have, that you are afraid to hear, speak or even acknowledge list it here ______________.

If you do all or one of the above to some degree or another, consider this a gentle reminder that you are worthy of your time, love and attention.

The word asset is defined as “a useful or valuable thing, person or quality”. Treat yourself with value. Asset comes from the old french word “a sez” which means enough.

On this Monday remember you are your greatest asset and you are a sez.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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