Wisdom Wednesday #88 – Grieve

Claire Wineland has popped up in my mind from time to time since she died. I realized last week why I felt and still feel sad about her passing.

She was so close to knowing what life would be like with new lungs. She was so close to know what it feels like to breathe deeply, without out assistance of an oxygen tank. She was so close to having more time on this earth to share her wisdom, strength and beauty.

Even though she has passed on, her wisdom lives on.

Her father, John Wineland, has recently written a few posts about his grief and grieving process. His writing is heartfelt and needed since he is willing to be public about something that many of us keep private.

We need to be public about feelings and experiences outside of light and bright, because it encompasses more of the human experience.

Men particularly are not given the space to really shine a light on anything outside of extreme joy, lust or anger. Fear, sadness, depression, grief or not topics that we allow many people to talk about because of our own discomfort.

I am so thankful that Mr. Wineland is being open about his grief because it creates space, space that we so desperately need, for others to share their stories or struggles around grief.

For todays wisdom is John Wineland’s wisdom and words on his grief.

Instagram Post – September 4th


Instagram Post – September 6th


Love Stephanie – XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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