Mindful Monday #184 – The Strength Of Your Relationships

I woke up early Sunday morning with today’s wisdom.

The sun was not even up yet. When I wake up that early, I make it a point not to check my alarm. If I don’t know the time, I feel it gives me a chance to fall back to sleep. When I know the time, I struggle to settle back into sleep, I start thinking or I wait for my alarm to “officially” wake me up.

It’s a blessing to wake in the middle of the night, with such wisdom, even if it is at an inconvenient time.

The soil is ripe for growth and wisdom. I’ve been in constant meditation and reflection a lot lately. I am gaining deeper wisdom from past experiences as I reflect on them. Wisdom flows to me more quickly. I also see that I have grown in ways I want and need to pursue my next career.

Last Thursday, I led the opening and closing meditation for class. Some of the wisdom I shared has stuck with me, which means a deeper wisdom or truth will emerge in a few days. (This has happened four times, in five weeks. One of these wisdoms will be shared this Thursday.)

For the closing a meditation, I introduced two of the intentions of council. Speak from the Heart and Listen from the Heart. I ended by saying:

“May you speak from the heart to yourself first, with words of love, compassion and understanding. When you do that, in time you will be better able to do that for another.”

Some of us are in relationships that are less then ideal. We are often not our own best friend. If we are not kind to ourselves or love ourselves, we risk accepting less than we deserve.

If you are naive, lie to yourself or are not honest with yourself about your relationships, today’s may help you.

On this Monday, if you dare, look at the relationships you have with others. What do your relationships say about your relationship with yourself?

Love, Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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