Tune #53 – Beauty Before Me

I hosted a Friendsgiving and Gratitude Circle at the top of the month.

I have been hosting a monthly storytelling circle (Council Practice), since September of 2017. It is my goal to build community and create space for people to practice authentic communication and authentic relating.

Our circle this month was amazing. I have always wanted to host a Friendsgiving and a Gratitude circle. I could not think of a better place to start. I am pleased to see how the community is forming and how it has it’s own heartbeat.

November has become a month where people express gratitude the entire month instead of one day a year. Often the expression of gratitude abruptly ends on December 1st. For overall wellness and happiness and to experience the transformative power of gratitude, it is best to practice it daily. If you stick to a daily gratitude practice, you will find gratitude multiple times a day without having to think or think as hard.

Overtime, you may get to a place where you are grateful during struggle or for struggle itself.

You may even come to a place where you see beauty in places where you least expect it.

On this Tuesday, consider the Beauty that is before you and all around you, with the “Beauty Chant,” which was adapted from a Navajo Prayer.

Beauty Chant by One Love Devotional

Beauty before me
Beauty behind me
Beauty beneath me
Beauty above.

Beauty beside me
and all around me
Beauty encircles me with love.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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