I’m Thankful For: My Thanksgiving Blessing

This year has been full. I have had a lot of insights, realizations, deeper understandings and perspective shifts.

All that I have studied and worked toward, for the past five years, is coming together. For the first time, I am able to see how I have grown as a speaker and facilitator and as an aspiring teacher and coach.

If I ever doubted by knowledge, I am thankful to see how I have embodied the knowledge of all the classes I have taken and integrated them with my wisdom and experience.

I feel I have reached a new level of confidence that is beyond confidence.

It feels like meditation i.e. calm, grounded, present and humble.

This new felt confidence, in acting, is called 2nd Circle. 2nd Circle is a skill/ awareness used to teach being present and in the moment. I learned this skill three years ago, and I wondered when I would fully embody it. (It was through writing this post that I made the connection that I have experienced 2nd circle more often.)

In fact, one thing I have said a lot recently, which I have said over the years as I reflect on my growth is: when will I move on from x experience or when will I really embody x skill?

In recent months, I have asked and answered those questions as I continue to let go of what no longer serves me and embody skills I have worked (and sometimes struggled with) on my Spiritual journey.

I am in a period of growth where I see the fruits of my labor on a regular basis and it’s fantastic.

For this reason, I am thankful I left my career and Los Angeles. I am thankful I listened to and trusted the Divine. I am thankful that I believe in myself and that I am going towards my calling.

On this Thanksgiving, may you find yourself blessed with your own pleasant surprise!

Love, Stephanie XO

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