I am Thankful for: My Return

It’s past midnight on Wednesday night, yet I am wide awake.

I just wrapped a six-week, eye-opening course about the Hero’s Journey. This class was one of the best classes I have taken in my history of education, workshops, conferences and spiritual classes.

As a mindfulness blogger I am committed to speaking my truth and being authentic. I have shared my story of finding my voice, which I have shared often. It’s is a story that led to this blog.

My voice story is poetic, empowering and a point of pride for me. However, that story has been told time and time again. What I learned through this course is that I have transcended that story. I may retell it in the future, but tonight it felt appropriate to share a new story.

My new story is about my “Return“, the journey that brought me home. I shared this story tonight. I started with finding my voice and all the signs that pointed me toward my return.

I spoke this truth from the heart without fear. While there were moments of tears, my voice was clear. I paused only for a moment and continued.

I am thankful for my voice, this journey, and this new story. Most importantly I am thankful for home.

Love, Stephanie – XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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