Mindful Monday #185 – The Joy of Living

I had an amazing weekend of more ordinary things that were like a cup of hot coco on a cold winters night.

Saturday I met up with a girl friend who I have not seen in over 9 years. I met her through my boyfriend who I dated at that time. I always liked her and wanted to remain friends with her, but I pulled away from her and our group to heal from the breakup and focus on my goal to move to Los Angeles.

We caught up on our lives over coffee and went to an amazing sound bath. (Beside crystal singing bowls and gongs, there was a Harmonium and rain sticks which stand out from all the sound baths I have ever experienced.)

She invited me to go to a meditation center sometime, which sounded cool but I decided to wait until the new year to go. The next morning, another girl friend asked me to go to a meditation center.

Maybe this is the same meditation center that my friend mentioned the other night? I thought. This might be a sign.

On a whim I decided to go.

I enjoyed the meditation center and the experience. I was able to melt into meditation in a way that reminded me of my silent meditation retreat that I went to a year ago.

It turns out that this mediation center was the one that my friend mentioned.

My two girlfriends met, when I planned to introduce them at some point. Since we were the younger of the centers attendees, a younger woman sought us out to get to meet us.

Next, we all decided to go to a spontaneous brunch which led to new friendships, good conversation and deep connection.

The whole day was so organic and natural. It was a throw back to a time, when people were warmer, friendlier and more open with each other.

My Sunday was the result of a whim, that I not only acknowledged, but also followed which led to an overall fun day.

On this Monday or this week, may you take a moment to lean into spontaneity. It may be going to a gym class or community group that your wanted to experience. Or maybe it is a class you want to take or something as simple as smiling or saying hello to a neighbor/ co-worker that you don’t really know. Whatever you feel drawn to do or wherever you feel drawn to be, if it is in your best and highest good, may you consider taking a step closer to it.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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