Greener Pastures

The new year has taken off!

I am one week away from graduating from one of my certification programs. I have one more test to complete for it. I am half way through another certification program. I have a test this weekend for that.

In my spare time after school and work, I spend my time planning my school schedule for the remainder of the year and fine tune my wellness business plan.

Everything feels surreal. I keep thinking about how my life would be if I stayed in Los Angeles. In the silence between each action, thought and word is gratitude.

As I headed to school the other day I realized I am on the other side. I am no longer in a career that demands all of my time, attention and energy. It was the obstacle that kept me from night school or weekend classes. It kept me from pivoting my life in the direction I wanted it to go.

Any classes I took, at the time, were one day classes or the occasional weekend workshop. I was able to study Improv continually, because I was at a different level of my career at the time. I was able to take my voice classes because my voice coach worked around my availability.

The saying the grass is always greener on the other side, is a cautionary wisdom that tells us things may not always be as they seem. It also teaches us to love what we have.

In my specific case, the grass is greener and has stayed vibrantly green. I feel this is my truth because I was grounded, with my eyes open, when I decided to leave Los Angeles and my career. I tried my hardest to either stay in Los Angles and in a different capacity in my career or work adjacent to my career with no success. Four years of trial and error is a good amount of trying.

Leaving was the last option. The universe waited patiently for me to come to that conclusion. Finding my calling sealed my decision. It’s the calling that has carried me here, keeps the grass vibrantly green and is shaping my life to be beyond anything I could have imagined. I am grateful.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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