Tiny Whisper

I hit a milestone this week and I almost missed it.

For these past few weeks, one week has felt almost like a few weeks. This feeling is not boredom. It is the result of daily, mindful progression towards my career goals.

Each afternoon/ evening I spend time working on my business plan, working on my website, working on components of my business or reading to develop my knowledge in relation to my business.

Wednesdays are designated for homework and outreach. Today alone, I spent the morning with entrepreneurs networking and sharing my vision for my company plan. I then went to a coffee shop to work on my homework.

The day ended at school learning more about somatic psychology (psychology of the body).

Since February, I have seen how different my life is from my life in LA and in the entertainment industry. It’s only been a year, but it has felt like two years. I can not believe all the change, it’s truly day and night. I both see and feel the difference. My life feels lighter, brighter and has a momentum that would not have been possible if I chose the status quo over change.

This past weekend was my one year anniversary of my move. It was so quiet that I missed it. I just realized I hit this milestone today.

I am extremely happy that everything is falling into place and I know it’s because I am headed in the right direction.

If you feel stuck in your life in anyway, start small and slowly let go of any physical clutter in your home, work or life. Or let go of mental clutter by quieting the mind or changing thought patterns. Letting go of the small things, will build your capacity to let go of the bigger things, overtime, when the time is right to release them.

Love, Stephanie – XO

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  1. Christine says:

    It has been fun watching your journey.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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