Wisdom Wednesday #89 – What We Care About

It’s 1AM in my part of the world as I write this post.

This is the bit of quiet time that I get to unwind from the day with this new, temporary normal.

I don’t have anxiety, but I have been more anxious in the past few days. There are so many variables. There is so much unknown.

As a mindfulness blogger and a yoga teacher, I have the awareness that I am stressed simply by noticing how I am breathing. When we are stressed or afraid we breathe shallowly. When I am not distracted by the news, school, work or family, I take moments to pause simply to breathe into my belly to calm my nervous system.

Among all the chaos, it has been beautiful to see and experience so many smiling faces when I go to the store. People are kinder to each other which even more important right now.

Monday’s post talked about looking for the light in the darkness, and there are so much light coming forward right now. People are stepping up to do their part.

We, the larger community, are starting to act like a tribe. We are each contributing what we can, where we can and we must pause to notice and appreciate it.

I wrote a post on my personal Facebook page about the awarenesses and conversations that are arising from this virus around healthcare, education, sick leave, businesses, the vulnerable populations (like hourly/ freelance workers, the poor, the homeless, the elderly) etc. All of these topics and conversations are not new. Their is almost a clearer light that is being shed on these topics and it’s because things everything has changed. This experience has already begun to change us in ways that we have needed. We can not unlearn, unhear or unsee or un-experience what is happening around us. We are writing history that will be reflected on for years to come.

Through it all, we are coming together in away that my childhood self always knew was possible for humanity. I am so genuinely touched by the love that I am witnessing. My hope is that we can continue to be love in action, even if things become even more uncertain.

We can not allow worry or fear to overtake us.

Even though people are hoarding items, others are giving information, money, time, attention, support which has always been our potential. It was always in us. Love is our true nature and I am so inspired to see it ignite people toward positive action and help for the greater community.

Todays wisdom is a quote from Margaret J Wheatley, that speaks to an aspect of what we are witnessing and that is what our neighborhoods, towns and cities can look like when we show up for the collective.


Love, Stephanie Marie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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