Our True Nature

It’s Friday! A lot has changed in four short days.

At the beginning of the week I felt the effects of stress in my body and my ability to focus. It’s been hard for me to wrap my head around how swiftly things have changed.

I went to the store on Wednesday and forgot to grab an item. I thought, “I can get the item tomorrow.” I returned to the store on Thursday and learned it is closed. So, I went to a different store and learned that the store would close in two hours and won’t be open again for an unknown amount of time.

There is so much uncertainty.

I felt moments of sadness each day at how much life is changing it’s a little erie. I am soaking in as many memories as I can like seeing smiling faces, seeing fresh flowers, enjoying fresh produce, and thinking that any to go meal I pick up may be the last meal at a particular restaurant for an unknown amount of time.

From a Spiritual perspective, the divine asks us to be fluid like water, which can be challenging in ordinary times, and even more challenging in extraordinary times.

It’s okay if you are afraid, anxious, worried, scared or frustrated. Be gentle with yourself with any emotion that arises. Remember you are human and the emotions that you are feeling are valid. 

Challenging times reveal our true nature.

If it wasn’t for challenging moments, we would not know our strength or our level of flexibility and we would not grow. Challenge helps us grow stronger.

One thing that helps us identify our resilience is to reflect on a time from the past when we got through a challenging experience.


My invitation to you is to today is…

  1. Think about a time when you were in a challenging experience (like starting a job, completing a project, learning something new etc.)
  2. Think about what got you through that experience (a mindset, visualization, mantras, motivational quote, or any support you had (like friends, family or a mentor).
  3. Reflect on the skillets that you gained from that experience and how those tools can help you through this time.

Share your reflection or what you discovered in the comments.

Love – Stephanie Marie – XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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