Moment of Thanks

It’s Thursday!? Social distancing is an interesting experience.

The days blend together and sometimes feel like an entire week has passed.

I remember when I lived in Los Angeles, there were times when I spent an entire Saturday or Sunday at home. It was always a nice treat for me to rest, be and catch up with errands at my own pace.

Social distancing is a very different experience because staying home is now a necessity and for those who can not afford it, it’s also a luxury.

I have been living with my parents for about a year, while I attend school. School has moved online and making choices week by week, as if the virus is under control and it will be over at the flip of the switch. However, when I listen to the news a flip of the switch is not on the horizon anytime soon.

My sister and 4-year-old niece are currently home. It’s nice to have them here, but the house is now full. I am enjoying the early mornings and the late nights, because it provides silence and stillness that as a introvert I need and it echoes my days back in Los Angeles.

In silence and stillness I gain the most clarity. When I thought about todays post, I thought about the people who are urging us to stay home for the health and safety of ourselves and the greater population. I thought about the people that are making masks and ventilators or giving what they can like money, food etc. I also thought about the people that feel isolated, antsy or invincible.

Today’s Thankful Thursday is different than previous posts. I am giving you a paper and a pen/ marker to define what you are thankful for today.

  1. When you have a moment, think about all your blessings of this day, week, or month.
  2. On a sheet of paper, write down one thing you are thankful for, take a picture of it and share it via social media using the hashtag #momentofthanks.

When we honor our blessings or moment of thanks, we expand our capacity to sit with the challenging moments and these current times are challenging.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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