Tune Tuesday #55 – Balance

Happy Tuesday!

I have been social distancing for almost four weeks. As a freelancer / contracted employee, for over thirteen years, my work by nature has made me adaptable. For years I worked in the entertainment industry. My offices would be in business complexes, hotel conference rooms, hotel rooms, on studio lots and when I needed to be on set, it was sometimes in my car. My work has transitioned into working from home as a virtual assistant.

Not a lot has changed with my work life. I was set to start to lead an after school girls group, for girls in 6th grade, that I had been planning since February. I was very excited for this opportunity. I was also relieved when the program was postponed because I wanted the girls, that I have not yet met, to be safe.

I also started teaching, or at least I taught, studio yoga classes on Wednesday mornings since January 2020. The yoga studio has been temporarily closed for a month now.

Since I have been home, I have not been practicing yoga, even when I have the intention to do it. I have been waking up early each day to maintain some sort of schedule, but I haven’t had the motivation that I had when things were “normal”, (I refuse to call this current situation the “new normal”) and I am allowing myself to be with it without judgement.

Today was different. I woke up to my “yoga alarm” (an alarm I set to prompt me to do yoga each morning). I thought about laying in bed a bit longer, but decided to get up and practice yoga in my backyard.

It was a bit chilly this morning. But it was so nice to be by outside, by myself to really connect back to me, back to nature and back to my practice.

The birds chirped all around me and it reminded me of home. Even though I am home, in my parents home, since I am back in school, it was a nice echo of the chirping I heard each morning when I was leaving for school as a little girl.

After I did my centering, I looked for one of my yoga playlist on my phone that I created for one of my classes. I love making yoga playlist, not only because I love music, but because I love creating a mood for the theme of each class. I came across a playlist that I titled “Yoga Balance”. I do not know why I called it that? So, I selected it and it was perfect for today.

After Savasana, I spent sometime looking up. Below are some pictures that I took.

For today’s Tune Tuesday, I offer the sound of my yoga playlist. May it help you balance or center in a moment of discomfort, doubt or fear.

Love, Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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