I am Thankful for: Recent Memories

“What was the last meal you had at a restaurant?” My sister asked sometime last week during dinner.

It took me a awhile to answer her question because I could not rember.

Everything changed so quickly, yet the days feel so long and drawn out. The days blend together making each day feel like Sunday. Since I was a kid, I have always equated Sunday to a day of rest, where life felt a bit slower. More time was spent soaking up the last bit of weekend before the rush of the new week. Now every day feels like Sunday to me.

I could see that life would change with Corona on the horizon, and I made it a point to see any to go meal as a last meal before more restaurants closed temporarily or for good.

Photo by Asya Cusima on Pexels.com

Besides restaurants and meals, there were more important memories to me. A few weeks before things changed, I met up with two friends.

I saw a movie with my best friend aka Soul Sister. It has been 2 months since I last saw her. She and I were set to see a special showing of Bridesmaids. We caught up for a bit before the movie and while we ate dinner in the theatre before the movie started. We realized we had a lot to catch up on and decided we needed more time to catch up. Now it seems like it will be awhile before we see each other, in person, again.

The other friend, that I caught up with, I hadn’t seen in a year since I moved back to my home town. We had dinner at a local restaurant that I hadn’t been to since before I moved 10 years ago. We caught up on each others lives from the past year. She was surprised how much my life has changed since I had been back. Since our dinner, more things have changed in my life, by my own choice, prior to things changing for the world.

Social distancing started to sink in to a deeper level this week.

I find myself thinking back to my last few in person connections and whispering graduated to the Universe for time especially because I don’t know how soon I will see my friends again. I am thankful that I spent quality time with close friends, soaking in the present moment.

On this Thursday, may you have a memory from your life that may have new meaning for you under these temporary circumstances. If you can not easily recall such a memory, memories can be made now, even under these circumstances. Allow yourself to not only slow down, but to be mindful in the process of slowing down.

Rather then resist what is, simply sit with what is and a new emotion, wisdom or perspective can emerge.

Love – Stephanie

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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