Wisdom #91 – Check In With Your Inner Child

Hello Friends. I hope you are doing well.

I saw a video yesterday that warmed my heart. Today the video is everywhere, it’s on the news, in my news feed and it was even highlighted on Upworthy.

The video is a message of Steve from Blues Clues explaining why he left the show over twenty years ago. I love this video for a few reasons.

One, I was reminded of the original Blues Clues. I wasn’t it’s target market, when it came out , but I knew of the show and I thought Blue, the dog, was cute. Watching this video brought back to that time of my younger years.

Two, the first feature I worked on was a movie that starred Steve Burns. Seeing him now, brought back memories of when I started my career in the entertainment industry.

Third, and the most important is the video is exactly what we need right now. As adults, it’s important to nurture and check in with your inner child. During a time of division, fatigue, fear, doubt and fill in the blank we need to slow down and make conscious efforts to check in with ourselves on a regular basis.

This time of division, where the truth is challenged and ideologies are in conflict it can keep us on alert, on guard and put us in a consistent state of fear. Being in a fear state can mean that we are ungrounded and may respond or react to others in ways that are not typically how we act.

This video speaks to the inner child that may need nurturing and may need to feel safe right now.

A second video that came out today, also from Blue Clues, shows some of the viewers that grew up watching the show both then and now. It is also very heart warming.

On this Wednesday night, take some time, to put on your kid hat or tap into your inner child and allow yourself to keep it simple if even for a few minutes while you watch these videos.


Stephanie XO

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I love this, such an important message to check in with your inner child and nurture it. Sending love

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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