30 Days of Prayer & Meditation

In February, I did a daily meditation on Love and Attachment for 28 days straight. I absolutely loved it.

I am proud of that meditation. I felt I was of service to the community during the entire series.  During that meditation an idea popped into my mind. It’s a thought I had before, but it was one that I silenced and brushed aside. I had fear around it. However, I am now choosing to honor it.

For the month of April I will do a Prayer & Meditation a day.

Each day I will select ONE PRAYER ENTRY at random. I will read the selected entry, meditate on the topic/ situation and pray. I may write about what emerges in meditation for a future blog post or mantra.

Privacy is of utmost importance so please provide your first name only or the first name of any individual(s) you wish to send blessed energy towards.

I am not a counselor or therapist, I simply want to spread more love and light in the world.

Submit your prayer entries now through the month to April.

Be advised that by submitting the form you agree for Stephanie M. Flores, the Illuminated Voice Blog and it’s subsidiaries to potentially write a future post about your prayer topic or the meditation insights that emerge from it. You also understand that submitting this form does not guarantee your topic will be written about.

Love – Stephanie XO