Hello, my name is Stephanie Marie. I am a goal setter, intention setter, very self-reflective and spiritual. My free time is spent writing/ reading, studying meditation/ spirituality and enjoying quality time with loved ones.

In the fall of 2010, I moved to Los Angeles and was living my dream, yet something was missing. In 2013, I pursued a work -life balance and I found my voice in the processIn improv I noticed I was always the last person on stage, the last to speak and when I spoke I didn’t say a lot. “What is this saying about me? How am I showing up this way?”  I thought to myself. Those questions led me to a voice coach where I discovered that it was easier for me to cover my emotions, be silent and hidden than to be seen and heard. Now that I found my voice, I honor my intuition and myself, face my fears, learned to let go / surrender and trust life.

Finding my voice continues to change my life because it requires me to be honest with myself from moment to moment.

After 12.5 years of working in the entertainment industry,  I left my career in the Spring 2018, to go back to school. I am now pursuing my calling, which emerged shortly after I found my voice.

To me, my calling is to help others find their voice, speak their truths, share their stories and heal in the ways they need.

I am a now a Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach, Group Facilitator and Yoga Instructor. My business HeartSpace Circle was launched in the fall of 2017 to build community and authentic connection.

Life is crazy, but also beautiful and vibrant when you lean into authenticity.


This blog was created as a personal challenge: me versus my fear of vulnerability.

In my experience, to be vulnerable meant that I would be judged by others.

The blog has since evolved to be a place to be inspired. Here you will find posts about following your heart, mindfulness, struggle and wellness.

Living at the edge of your comfort zone is scary, but life is richer here. 

Thank you for reading!


I would love to hear from you! If you have questions or comments please email me: IlluminatedVoiceBlog@gmail.com

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  1. mkyogi says:



    We’re born –
    and born-again,

    And born-again,
    and born-again,

    Until when –

    We realize
    we were never ever born.

    And then –
    we’re never born again.

    When we come to Earth
    They call it a birth
    When we leave,
    They say we die.

    But we really don’t come,
    And we really don’t go.
    We just dream our lives
    But why?

    To awaken as Bliss
    From all of this,
    Joyous that all is

    We evolve and revolve
    ever seeking to solve
    the sacred secret of life.

    But the further we go
    the less we know
    the sacred secret of life.

    The longer our history,
    the greater the mystery of
    the sacred secret of life.

    Yet we never stop trying –
    keep birthing and dying, for
    the sacred secret of life.

    Tho’ we may never solve it,
    we’ll ever evolve it:
    The sacred secret of life.

    So in Awe we bow
    to the ever NOW—

    The sacred secret of Life.

    amen..god bless.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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