Rise from the Mud

The only way is both through the struggle and up. May we choose this course.​

Dare to Be Real

Social distancing is asking us to be real in ways that is proving to be a challenge.

The Distance Between Us

6 Feet Apart. Social Distancing. Work from Home. School from Home. COVID-19 has forced everyone to stay home, creating space between people, families and communities for the health and safety of all. There are some defiant, not taking it serious, I do what I want people that are making it worse for everyone. If you…

Mindful Monday #187 – Breathe

Happy Monday! I understand it can be challenging to find happiness on a Monday such as this in the middle of a pandemic. The life that we have grown accustomed to is disrupted by COVID -19 which has brought about a lot of uncertainty, events postponed or canceled, businesses temporarily closed, some of us working…

Mindful Monday #183 – The Backburner

Wisdom is everywhere. We hear it from our teachers or parents/ guardians when we are young. We gain wisdom with each experience we have from childhood and beyond. We may read wisdom in poems or books or hear it in lectures or conversations. We may even speak our personal wisdom to our friends and colleagues….