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Mindful Monday #159 – Reboot

My cell phone camera stopped working this weekend. I didn’t know it stopped working, until I was at an event, that I looked forward to and wanted to document. The next morning, I… Continue reading

Marriage: Where do I stand?

I knew where I stood on this subject for myself, but through this process it changed.

When Did Consistency Become Novelty?

“Stephanie…” my friend, the novelist, got my attention as we sat at a large group dinner. He paused and searched for what he wanted to say. “You’re …” I waited for him to speak.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #136 – … And So It Is.

“And so it is!” A phrase so simple but carries so much power. It is a definite yes and serves as a gentle reminder to anyone who speaks it. As I get older, I have… Continue reading

Wisdom #71 – Life’s Natural Rhythm

My birthday was this past Wednesday. I had no expectations for the day. I made no special birthday plans this year and my day was filled with many surprises and reconnections from friends I have not… Continue reading

Tired, Worn Eyes

I keep seeing her eyes. They were tired, worn and weak. There was so much emotion behind them. I could only imagine she expressed her emotions alone and in silence. If she expressed them at… Continue reading

I’m Thankful For: Beautiful Strangers

As I ventured on my own, I was never alone.

Women & the Solar Plexus

In order to do it all (only if you want to do it all) you must take care of yourself first, honor your power, renew your energy and take all the rest you need.

Wisdom Wednesday #68 – The Right to Disconnect

I have worked in the entertainment industry for 10 years this August. Yes, 10 YEARS. 10 years ago, I interned on my first full feature. I remember how excited I was to get… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #123 – I Love and Accept Myself

I have been trying to diligently write a book for the past few weeks. While I am writing, I am in a place of surrender. New insights have emerged along with memories I had long… Continue reading