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Mindful Monday #172 – Your Untapped Strength

Happy Monday! I stepped into my 2nd yoga class of 2018. Class provided space for a humbling and empowering realization that I did not see it coming. During the last few hours, on… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #161 – The Surprising Moment

I stepped away from yoga a month ago, after I fell, because my knee needed time to heal. My knee was not visibly swollen, but it was hard to bend it or put… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #157 – Put UNITY Back in Community

One day and one month ago I attended a weekend training to learn how to facilitate the Practice of Council. Council is a community circle where strangers share their stories and truths. Every one… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #150 – Spring Clean Your Life to a New You

Spring is in the air! Today is the Spring Equinox which marks the first official day of spring! The new year is often seen as new beginnings, seasonally Spring is the new beginning. This season… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #143 – When Dreams Fall Short

I start a new feature in a week. I got back in town a week ago, and I have been focused on building a new foundation. I‘m developing and re-visioning a morning and night… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #142 – Trust Yourself

I’m back in Los Angeles! I kicked off my new year this past weekend with one of my intentions for the year: Honor Your Body. I took a four hour yoga class, which was everything… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #136 – … And So It Is.

“And so it is!” A phrase so simple but carries so much power. It is a definite yes and serves as a gentle reminder to anyone who speaks it. As I get older, I have… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #108 – Habits

Let’s talk about habits. As a goal-setter I have developed a lot of great habits around setting goals, tracking progress and adjusting a goal based on that progress. Goals have taught me different… Continue reading

My Body Is My Temple

“My Body is my Temple,” is the phrase on my 2015 vision board. When we think about a temple we think about something that is well taken care of and sacred. I have… Continue reading

A Series of Leaps

“All roads lead to this…” I have told myself repeatedly these past few weeks. It all started with a harmless post on the gifts that come from breakups. What I initially wanted to… Continue reading

My Inciting Incident

This past Friday was my 5 year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles (LA). My move was prompted by my desire to further my career in the entertainment industry. In college, once I… Continue reading

Encounters with a Praying Mantis

I’m home sick and resting. 8 weeks of working 60 hours a week, on top of busy weekends to counteract work , has caught up to me. I’m really good at listening to… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #19 – The Toughest Thing You’ll Have To Give Up To Be Happy

The Month of November is my reflection of the year and my meditation for all the things that I am thankful for.  As stated in last weeks Thankful Thursday post, when we identify… Continue reading

How to Feel Your Emotions

A still lake, a stream, a raging rapid river, a vast ocean then back to a stream and a still lake. The imagery of water in it’s stillness to gaging has been the range… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #20 – Health

Health has been on my mind A LOT these past few weeks. In one of my recent post What is Success? I talked about three friends who are recovering from health issues as… Continue reading