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Mindful Monday #93 – Be a Critical Thinker

It’s the final Monday in November. Ever since I was kid, I always questioned my elders. I would always do as I was told, but I’d question in my mind the words and… Continue reading

I am Thankful for: Family

This is my fourth week home with my family. I came home to spend time with my new niece for her first Halloween and I stayed longer because I was very ill. Now… Continue reading

It’s Thanksgiving!

It’s Thankful Thursday and it’s Thanksgiving! Today is one of my favorite holidays. I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful day filled with joy and love. I hope the joy… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #55 – Alone Together

It’s Wednesday and the eve of Thanksgiving. Yesterday’s post talked about inclusion, today’s post talks about isolation and loneliness. When I was in college I remember a professor saying: Babies get the most… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #21 – Give a Little Bit

This week is Thanksgiving! In my early adulthood my focus shifted from counting my blessings during this season, to thanking the people who are blessings. Almost 10 years ago, I started the tradition of sending… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #92 – Do Not Lose Your Inner Peace

It’s Monday and I am back for real. This month has been a challenge from the start and it resembles my entire year. No part of this year was easy. Before I restored my energy… Continue reading

I am Thankful for: Breath

These past four weeks when I was sick, it was very challenging to take a comfortable deep breath and I could not practice meditation / meditative breathing or practice my voice exercises. Either my sinuses were… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #91 – Respect Everyone

“What is wrong with people?” “What is going on?” These are a few common questions that I have heard a lot these past few years. I’m still shocked by the turn of events… Continue reading


I’m really upset with the events in Paris yesterday. I have no words for the state of the world at this time. Whatever you are feeling, let it not harden your heart towards… Continue reading

Share Kindness

We are an interconnected community and we all have the capacity to shape our communities both large and small.

I am Thankful for: Healthcare

Happy Thursday! For the month of November I am focusing on my health. The universe has turned my perspective on it’s side and allowed me to look at my health and concept of health with… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #54 – 10 Foods That Look Like The Body Parts They’re Good For

It’s Wednesday! I’m feeling so much better. My energy is at about 50-60% on and off and for that I am thankful. This month I am focusing on my health which is ironic,… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #20 – You Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

It’s Tuesday. I’m tired. Night time has been the worst for me these past three days because I get the worst sinus headaches, my throat kills me and my body aches. Two nights… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #90 – Rest

It’s week three of being sick. I am slowly getting better, I no longer have a fever but I am not completely well. I miss my energy. I don’t know how long this… Continue reading

Waking Up from the Dream

I cried last night. I am feeling better, but I can’t seem to get enough rest. I’m still really physically tired AND also mentally exhausted. I have never been sick like this in… Continue reading