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Mindful Meditation #163 – Love them Just As They Are

I went to the Museum of Broken Relationships on a whim. The museum as described by the museum itself “is a global crowd-sourced project.” It has permanent museums in Los Angeles and Zagreb,… Continue reading

I Dreamt About an Ex…

I woke up profoundly changed, about a month ago. This change occurred while I was asleep having, what at first felt like a nightmare, but in actuality it was a dream. Over seven years… Continue reading

You Have a Choice to Get Off the Train

“It seems like you were on the train.” I told the woman with tired, worn eyes. “On the train?” She asked in a confused tone. In the moments leading up to what she… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #30 – Heart of Gold

My heart is hurting. I do not want to write about today’s topic. Deep sigh. This is where my heart is … hurting. I have to follow it, honor it and let it… Continue reading

The Love Within

“What are your goals for the year?” My friend asked. Silence. I was speechless and said nothing. For as long as I can remember, I have always known what my goals are for… Continue reading

Breakeven pt. III

The first breakup that I wrote about in Breakeven pt II was very difficult for me. A sliver of it stayed with me up to My Month of Writing. I believed I experienced… Continue reading

Breakeven pt. II

Two weeks ago I scratched the surface on break ups with Breakeven pt. I. Once a relationship ends it feels like there is a real or imagined imbalance between the parties involved e.g. one… Continue reading

Breakeven pt. I

When I first heard Breakeven by the script, I thought it was brilliant. To my knowledge it was the first song that addressed the unbalance of a breakup. “I’m still alive but I’m… Continue reading

Lessons from a Soulmate – My Month of Writing — Reflection

I am not a hopeless romantic. I was never in a relationship for the sake of being in one. I have never stayed in a relationship because I was afraid of being alone,… Continue reading

Breaking Up(ward)

This month, last year, I reconnected with a classmate who has since become a friend.  It has been two months from when we met to when we reconnected. The standard thing a lot… Continue reading