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Tune #46 – The Love Wouldn’t Die

Have you ever felt like you were going to die? Or like you were dying? I am not talking about putting yourself in harms way, having a terminal illness or hypochondria. I’m talking… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #45 – Fix My Eyes On You

Today’s tune is a song that is newer to me. It was by chance that I heard it on Spotify. I still don’t know how the song came through my playlist, but it… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #44 – Live for Today

I am currently re-reading “The Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz. There are lot of concepts in the book that I now fully understand because they parallel my experiences or understandings. Like… Continue reading

Tune #43 – Marry the Man Today

I am currently meditating on marriage. Last year I realized I was ready for marriage and what came next was a surprising universal counter argument to re-think that desire. Now, I am trying to make… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #42 – The Unmarried Female

Happy Tuesday! The US wedding market is a 55 billion dollar industry and a 300 billion dollars industry world wide. Companies make major profits from those who say I do and may even… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #41 -Love Fearlessly

These days it feels like the world is little darker, colder and on edge. It feels as though we have forgotten that our neighbors are not strangers, but our brothers and sisters. It feels… Continue reading

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

I don’t know what Tuesday holds for us? If it is anything like how 2016 election night was and the despair felt among many populations, we need to brace ourselves. Hope for the best… Continue reading

Tune #40 – Be What Tomorrow Needs

Tomorrow is TUESDAY and not like any other Tuesday. It’s election day. My stomach is in knots. After a group meditation last week, my heart dropped as I heard two women say that they would… Continue reading

Tune #39 – Hope Will Lead Us On

“[This song] made me think of you and your journey,” brother Teddy texted me one afternoon in February.  He sent a link to the song, “Hope Will Lead Us On,” by the Barlow Girl.… Continue reading

Tune #38 – I Can See Clearer

Through awareness and mindfulness, clarity is possible.

Tune Tuesday #37 – We Always Got the Fight in Us

There is no fear that we can not overcome.

Tune Tuesday #36 – Make It Happen

The change you want for your life depends on the degree that you believe in yourself and your ability.

Tune Tuesday #35 – Do your friendships raise you up?

“I’ve never told anyone this before.” “My friends and I never talk about these things.” I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships lately. I am someone people call on to seek council, support or guidance.… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #34 – Contemplating Life

Death has been circling me lately. Like my meditation on love, focus on my health and habits, lessons on energy and series that I have written in relation to the gifts of breakups,… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #33 – Wake Me Up

I’ve been thinking about darkness a lot lately. We fear the dark when we are kids because we imagine that there are monsters in our closets or under our beds. As adults we out… Continue reading