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Wisdom Wednesday #85 – Signs You Found Your Calling

Life is aligning in ways that at one time sounded abstract and hard to grasp.

Mindful Monday #167 – Waiting on an Answer

I have been waiting on “The Sign” of what to do next for over a year. I have been on a journey of deep healing, each step of the way more and more… Continue reading

When Did We Grow Numb?

I’ve been carrying sadness in my heart. When I focus on what lead to this sadness I get angry, and by the end of the retelling of the story or when I recall… Continue reading

Take a Step Back

Each fall and spring I look forward to working with at-risk teens through an arts non-profit. This program is a highlight of the season. I have been working with the group for three years.… Continue reading

Seven Generations of Women

By chance and by choice, I found myself among large communities of women, in 2016. As I followed my curiosity to events, groups and organizations, I gained skills that deepened my spirituality, tools that assisted… Continue reading

Outlook 2017: The Cards are on the Table

 2016 was a tough year, if not the toughest, for so many people. Many negative comments regarding 2016 have populated my personal facebook feed for the past month. Never before have so many people… Continue reading

Tune #39 – Hope Will Lead Us On

“[This song] made me think of you and your journey,” brother Teddy texted me one afternoon in February.  He sent a link to the song, “Hope Will Lead Us On,” by the Barlow Girl.… Continue reading

I’m Thankful for: Blowing Out the Walls of Fear

It’s almost a month since I have been back from my two month summer hiatus. I approached those months with intention. I wanted to write my first book, deepen my spirituality and focus on… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #126 – Embrace Patience

The universe will always meet you where you are.

Set Limits For Your Wellness

What ways do you use or lose your energy?

Mindful Monday #121 – I Am Grounded

In what ways can you deepen your grounding?

Sometimes You Need to Scream

Today calls for some much needed screams. Yet, I am silent. While I want and need to, I won’t actually let go and lean into the flow to scream. In improv, I was… Continue reading

I’m Thankful For: Life’s Timing

15 minutes can be all the difference between meeting someone new, reconnecting with someone from your past or avoiding danger.

Mindful Monday #114 – Instincts

“Consider that you know what is deeply best for you…”

Mindful Monday #110 – Manifestation

“You are a great manifestor,” my spiritual sister and my spiritual mentor have both told  over the years. Each time it sounded so foreign. I’m a great manifestor? It’s hard to talk about… Continue reading