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Pain & Fear

Happy Thursday! A blog post I wrote last year keeps circulating in my mind. After almost a year of listening and witnessing the expression of fears in the country both one on one… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #175 – Play Ball

I know I made the right choice. I know I am on the right path. This part of my life is over. Last week, I felt this finality for the first time and I… Continue reading

Contemplating Death

I’ve been silent, but not speechless. So much beauty has emerged in my life, since September. I am so excited and grateful for where my life is headed. I can not wait to… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #154 – The Less Attached You Are

Happy Monday! It’s great to be back with a Monday post. The past two weeks of work have been hectic, which spilled into my weekend with much needed rest. What emerged during that time were… Continue reading

Tune Tuesday #42 – The Unmarried Female

Happy Tuesday! The US wedding market is a 55 billion dollar industry and a 300 billion dollars industry world wide. Companies make major profits from those who say I do and may even… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #148 – Uncover Your Blessings

Life is no joke. For all it’s beauty there is ugliness. The ugly is often created by us or toward us. How we carry ourselves in our hardest moments speaks volumes to our… Continue reading

Wisdom #77 – Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships

When I was a college student, both women and men asked me for love and dating advice, which perplexed me. I was a student that wanted to transfer to film school. Later in college, I… Continue reading

A Year in (Relative) Isolation

I was isolated for the majority of 2016 as a result of both chance and choice. This wasn’t the first year I have been in this place. My journey towards finding a work-life balance started… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #141 – New Beginnings

Change is on the forecast for 2017. Hallelujah!

Tune #40 – Oh!

“Nothing in my life has changed this year with the exception of [one thing].” My friend told me as we caught up last week. Even though I started the conversation, I deliberately did… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #135 – Meet Someone New

Create a space to invite possibility into your life.

I’m Thankful for: Blowing Out the Walls of Fear

It’s almost a month since I have been back from my two month summer hiatus. I approached those months with intention. I wanted to write my first book, deepen my spirituality and focus on… Continue reading

Mindful Monday 128# – Laugh

I have been working a live event since Thursday. (Examples of live events are concerts, conferences, seminar, conventions etc.) This is the third event I have done in my career and it’s different then what… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #119 – Be Overcome By Light

I can not believe the world we are living in at this moment. So much is changing in the world, there is building tension at a domestic and international level, plus a surplus of… Continue reading

Step Into Faith

My current improv class is an awareness class. In each class, we are asked to observe our habits and be aware of how our body feels and moves. Various exercises help us discover… Continue reading