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Blind Trust

I’m filled with emotion. I just saw a screening of a movie that I worked on last fall, called “La La Land”. It was amazing and is perhaps the best movie I have… Continue reading

‘No Longer the Quiet, Shy Girl Who was in Pain’

I never planned to be here. I never thought I would write this blog, write this consistently and live the life I am living. Today is my three-year anniversary of starting The Illuminated Voice. This blog started out… Continue reading

When Did Consistency Become Novelty?

“Stephanie…” my friend, the novelist, got my attention as we sat at a large group dinner. He paused and searched for what he wanted to say. “You’re …” I waited for him to speak.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #137 – The Source of Our Greatest Strength

  This past Friday I wrote a post titled “She told me to stay single.” The post is a real life account of a woman I met this year that kindly told me… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #120 – Love Takes Off the Mask

During my writing/ away time, I am also serving the community. For one day a week. I am co-teaching a mother -daughter / father-daughter writing workshop for teenage girls. This week kicks off the… Continue reading

My Sacred Space

I’m currently in the “middle of nowhere” and I have been here for almost two weeks. I choose not to identify my location for a good reason. I took a mini vacation to Santa… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #114 – Instincts

“Consider that you know what is deeply best for you…”

Life in Full Bloom

This week was the best week of my life. Prior to finding my voice in the Fall of 2013, I set the goal at the start of that year to balance my life.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #99 – Not Afraid

Working on location has been so insightful and it is one of the best things that I didn’t know I needed. I did not want to work on location for three years because… Continue reading

My Grown Up Christmas Wish

Why am I writing? Should I continue to blog? Does my writing matter? I have been blogging a little over two years and this fall I started to question my blogging. I started blogging… Continue reading

My Inciting Incident

This past Friday was my 5 year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles (LA). My move was prompted by my desire to further my career in the entertainment industry. In college, once I… Continue reading

A Note to the Readers

December 6th marks the 1 year anniversary of “The Illuminated Voice.”  For those of you who have subscribed, read weekly or are reading for the first time, thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. … Continue reading

Say What You Need to Say

I am a writing advisor for a national writing program that is starting a new chapter in Arizona.  This program is one of the reasons why I choose to stay in AZ for… Continue reading

Great Expectations – Revisited

“I thought I’d be married by now.”  “I thought I’d have children at this age.”  “I thought I’d be in a different place in life.”  We have all heard these lines before or… Continue reading

Grounded – My Month of Writing

This month of writing is taking on a life of it’s own.  I found myself in conversations with authors, a mentor from college, my friend the fiction writer, my friend the spiritual intuitive,… Continue reading