Goals 2014

goalsI was 8 years old when I first learned about goals and their importance.  As a girl my first challenge in life was learning how to read, which didn’t come easily to me.  In fact, I was pulled out of mainstream classrooms as a kid for reading and writing because I was behind.  I hated every minute of it.  To overcome my obstacle I set my first goal and I have set goals ever since.  Overcoming my first big obstacle as a kid taught me the power of what someone can do if they are focused and dedicated.  As a result I have been a goal setter and stand on the side of optimism, but grounded in personal experience.  Over the years I have fine tuned my goal setting practice and have incorporated vision boards and mantras.  I have also learned to be kinder to myself if I am struggling to learn a task or make a mistake and let go of goals that I discover are not the right goals for me at certain time of my life.

This year I created a vision board with three principles in mind: Mind, Body, Soul.  Those three ideas have guided my year and directed me toward three goals that have become the foundation of the year and how I live my life.  These goals have both challenged me and changed my life, my relationships and perspectives on life, love and career.

The goals that my vision board and life uncover are:

1) Be Vulnerable (Always.)

2) Face All Fears.

3) Surrender to Life / Let go.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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