Goals 2015

It’s April.  This is the first time and latest I have ever put my goals down on (digital) paper since I was 8.  This year has been rough.  Choosing to let go and have faith in the universe to guide me fully down my path is terrifying and has taught me a lot.  My life has been shaken up in every way imaginable and I have gained a deep understanding of why people choose to live within their comfort zone and why people feel the need to control.

I set my goals  for the year in January, which is also later then usual.  Since I took my leap of faith a year ago, the universe has only provided short moments for me to catch my breath before the next event occurs in my life.  In March, I realized I needed to get back to basics with my Mind, Body and Soul goals:

  1. Meditating Daily (Soul/ Spirituality),
  2. Bring Back My Yoga Practice (Body/ Health)
  3. Dig Deeper with Improv / Writing (Mind)

As I move down my path several more goals are being presented to me at a rate that I can’t keep up with. “When you are in your flow, your goals come to you.”  To me this is a sign that I am on the right path.  You only feel resistance when you are going down a path that wasn’t intended for you.  Besides my back to basics goal, all my goals for the year focus on digging deeper and further developing myself, as a spiritual being, writer and aspiring motivational speaker.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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