My Voice Led Me to HeartSpace

I  wanted to create a space for people to come together.

These past four years, I really understood the depth of this desire to strengthen community.

“How can I bring people together? Where can I bring people together? How can I be of assistance?”

I never thought my path would lead me here.

I found my voice in 2013 and has been my mission to help other find their own voice too.

After being trained as a facilitator of Council Practice I discovered my “how”.

Create space for others to speak and share their stories through Council Practice.

What is Council?

Council Practice is an age-old cross-cultural practice that brings together people through a community circle for candid conversations. Each participant speaks one at a time, sharing stories and experiences, while others listen intently. The circle fosters authentic expression and heartfelt listening, builds community, relationships and trust. It creates a safe space for people to give voice to their stories, while other bear witness to them and it neutralizes social hierarchies.

Through this space, a deeper community will emerge.

Introducing HeartSpace Circle:

To connect to our Facebook Page here: HeartSpace Circle.

If you are in the Metro-Phoenix area I would love for you to join us as we create space for each other the old fashion way, in the company of each other.

Love – Stephanie XO