I was out having breakfast with my mother and as we talked about our day-to-day, I couldn’t help but notice two older women having breakfast too. T Good friends? Best friends? I would love… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #5 – How to Achieve Your Childhood Dreams

I have always admired people who were dealt a hard hand in life, but manage to keep smiling and/or over come their struggle.  In the hero’s journey of storytelling the story of the… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #17 – Questions

Happy Monday!  My life is changing rapidly as a result of my decision to take a Leap of Faith.  My Month of Writing has become something else entirely.  I allowed the month to… Continue reading

Great Expectations – Revisited

“I thought I’d be married by now.”  “I thought I’d have children at this age.”  “I thought I’d be in a different place in life.”  We have all heard these lines before or… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #16 – Great Expectations

I am headed back to my home town after my weekend in Chicago.  My month of writing (Shake it Out – My Month of Writing) has me thinking a lot about where I… Continue reading

Life in Seven Breaths

I went to Yin yoga for first time this week. Yin yoga is a low-key form of yoga that goes at a slower pace.  It encompasses holding poses for five minutes or more. … Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #4 – Let Go

One thing I learned last year was that I was carrying weight from past experiences that I had no idea I carried.  I don’t know at what point in my life I gained… Continue reading

Grounded – My Month of Writing

This month of writing is taking on a life of it’s own.  I found myself in conversations with authors, a mentor from college, my friend the fiction writer, my friend the spiritual intuitive,… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #15 – Life is fluid

Happy Monday.  I hope your month is going well.  One of my girlfriends told me that if I get in flow with life that things will be easier for me.  I have since… Continue reading

How to Get a Grip on Your Life

I decided to focus my life on balance last year.  I sought to balance my mind, body and soul and yoga naturally seemed to fit into those goals.  I wanted to study yoga… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #14 – Friendship

My first full week home was beyond my expectations.  After having trouble writing (Heal First, Write Second – My Month of Writing), the week focused on rest and friends.  As someone who was… Continue reading

Heal First, Write Second – My Month of Writing

“I think you need to let God heal you, before you write,” my college mentor told me. My first week home has revolved more around re-connection then writing. Each time I sat to… Continue reading

What is Success?

“I lost feeling in my hands.” One of my friends revealed over lunch. He is an entrepreneur who built his company since he was a master’s student. For years, he worked year round… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #3 – The Journey

Happy Wednesday!   It’s only been two days of My Month of Writing. I am writing, but not what I came home to write.  I think I put too much pressure on myself.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #13 – Writing

Happy Monday.  Today I start my first day of writing the third part of my solo show.  I am tempted to start with a fresh new draft, but I fear that it maybe… Continue reading