Mindful Monday #25 – Patience

Enter sigh of relief here…ahhhh. The weeks preceding my month of writing were the most challenging and emotional weeks I experienced this year. In February and March, I was in a similar emotional… Continue reading

Live Like an Improviser

Improv changed my life.  It was the precursor that lead me to my voice classes.  I have studied improv for a year and a half and I didn’t know I’d learn so much… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #24 – Balance

This weekend I saw a show titled “A Sense of Balance,” by Stoney Lamar.  The show had various sculptures made entirely of wood.  The wood curved in ways that felt natural as though… Continue reading

A Life All It’s Own – Month of Writing – Reflection

“I feel old.” I told my friend as we caught up at his restaurant.  “Not old, but mature. And I feel worn down too.  ” I went back to my hometown in May… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #8 – Finding Meaning

“Forge meaning.  Build identity.” That is Andrew Solomon’s mantra and one of the many points he made in his recent TEDTalk “How the Worst Moments in Our Lives Make Us Who We Are.” … Continue reading

Mindful Monday #23 – Tests

“I feel like I am being tested.”  I told my friend this weekend.  “And I am not sure if I am passing the test?  I just want to get through it.”   I have… Continue reading

Lessons from a Soulmate – My Month of Writing — Reflection

I am not a hopeless romantic. I was never in a relationship for the sake of being in one. I have never stayed in a relationship because I was afraid of being alone,… Continue reading

How to Feel Your Emotions

A still lake, a stream, a raging rapid river, a vast ocean then back to a stream and a still lake. The imagery of water in it’s stillness to gaging has been the range… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #22 – Emotion

Happy Monday!!!  It feels like it’s been awhile since my last post, (but it hasn’t been).  My extended weekend was very nice and I hope everyone’s weekend was as nice.  I am currently… Continue reading


It’s been almost two weeks since I have been back in Los Angeles from my month of meditation.  While I gained knowledge each day on various aspects of my life and the human… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday # 7 – How to Overcome Fear

After watching a few videos on fear this video is really great because the speaker had to over come various obstacles to make her childhood dreams a reality.  Each step of the way… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #21 – Fear

FEAR.  I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately.  One of my goals for the year is to “face (any and) all fear” big and small.  As a result of my goal… Continue reading


It’s almost been a week since I have been back in Los Angeles from my month (seven weeks) of writing (aka my month of meditation). My week back has been fairly low key.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #20 – Health

Health has been on my mind A LOT these past few weeks. In one of my recent post What is Success? I talked about three friends who are recovering from health issues as… Continue reading

How to Find Happiness

While organizing my digital files, I stumbled upon two journals that I forgot I even created.  One of those journals is my Gratitude Journal.  It was in 2008, before expressing gratitude became what… Continue reading