Mindful Monday #19 – Gratitude

Happy Monday!  There are five days left until I head back to Los Angeles.  As June rolled around, I felt that my time home was coming to an end based on my feelings,… Continue reading

Say What You Need to Say

I am a writing advisor for a national writing program that is starting a new chapter in Arizona.  This program is one of the reasons why I choose to stay in AZ for… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #18 – Acceptance in Life

Good morning.  I have two weeks left before I head back to my life in LA.  As the weeks move forward during my month of meditation aka month of writing, I am pleased… Continue reading


I was out having breakfast with my mother and as we talked about our day-to-day, I couldn’t help but notice two older women having breakfast too. T Good friends? Best friends? I would love… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #5 – How to Achieve Your Childhood Dreams

I have always admired people who were dealt a hard hand in life, but manage to keep smiling and/or over come their struggle.  In the hero’s journey of storytelling the story of the… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #17 – Questions

Happy Monday!  My life is changing rapidly as a result of my decision to take a Leap of Faith.  My Month of Writing has become something else entirely.  I allowed the month to… Continue reading

Great Expectations – Revisited

“I thought I’d be married by now.”  “I thought I’d have children at this age.”  “I thought I’d be in a different place in life.”  We have all heard these lines before or… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #16 – Great Expectations

I am headed back to my home town after my weekend in Chicago.  My month of writing (Shake it Out – My Month of Writing) has me thinking a lot about where I… Continue reading

Life in Seven Breaths

I went to Yin yoga for first time this week. Yin yoga is a low-key form of yoga that goes at a slower pace.  It encompasses holding poses for five minutes or more. … Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #4 – Let Go

One thing I learned last year was that I was carrying weight from past experiences that I had no idea I carried.  I don’t know at what point in my life I gained… Continue reading

Grounded – My Month of Writing

This month of writing is taking on a life of it’s own.  I found myself in conversations with authors, a mentor from college, my friend the fiction writer, my friend the spiritual intuitive,… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #15 – Life is fluid

Happy Monday.  I hope your month is going well.  One of my girlfriends told me that if I get in flow with life that things will be easier for me.  I have since… Continue reading

How to Get a Grip on Your Life

I decided to focus my life on balance last year.  I sought to balance my mind, body and soul and yoga naturally seemed to fit into those goals.  I wanted to study yoga… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #14 – Friendship

My first full week home was beyond my expectations.  After having trouble writing (Heal First, Write Second – My Month of Writing), the week focused on rest and friends.  As someone who was… Continue reading

Heal First, Write Second – My Month of Writing

“I think you need to let God heal you, before you write,” my college mentor told me. My first week home has revolved more around re-connection then writing. Each time I sat to… Continue reading