Fuck It Seeds: How to Overcome Fear

Public speaking comes natural to me.  I never understood why people fear public speaking over death?  Then one day, I got the opportunity to read an original poem to an audience and I… Continue reading

Special Post: Slates for Sarah

Recently a camera assistant (AC), Sarah Jones, from Georgia, died on set (http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/26/showbiz/slates-for-sarah-elizabeth-jones/).  Her death has brought a few things to light on the lengths we go through as filmmakers to make a… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #3 – Reflection

A lot happened this week which include both the wonderful and hard.  It was a challenge to find the quote for the week since everything I am learning and realizing, at this moment,… Continue reading

A Change in Perspective

Almost three years ago I was on the biggest movie of my career (at the time.)  I was successful at living and working in LA since I moved.  I was living my dream… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #2 – Power of Thought

The themes that come up in my daily life through realizations or conversations I have with friends are my inspiration for each blog post.  I usually carry a question in my mind for… Continue reading

Special Post – Post Valentine’s Day

Still feeling the Valentine’s Day blues post Valentine’s Day?  This song may help.  Imagine yourself singing this song in your future.  The lyrics are below. DIE ALONE – Written By Ingrid Ellen Egbert… Continue reading

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day – Single Edition

I have had three Valentine’s in my life.  When I moved to LA I dated a man for two months.  Our first date was the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  It’s always exciting to… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #1 – Love

  Introducing Mindful Mondays.  Every morning I read a quote, mantra or coda to start off my day.  I love a good quote.  I am always searching for good lines of truth everywhere… Continue reading

Cleansing My Soul

Last week I was on location in Houston. (This is the third time I have been on location in almost eight years since I have been in the industry and it’s the first time I… Continue reading

This Isn’t Goodbye

I am on location this week.  To be on location in the film industry means that the production company I work for is shooting in a remote city, which requires travel and housing… Continue reading

The Unimaginable

I have been silent for a good part of my life. I was made fun as a girl and I never defended myself. I learned to be stoic to hide what I was… Continue reading


“Don’t give them the satisfaction that they got to you.”   My mother told me, when I was a girl. It hurt her to see me hurt. On several occasions I came home… Continue reading

Breaking Up(ward)

This month, last year, I reconnected with a classmate who has since become a friend.  It has been two months from when we met to when we reconnected. The standard thing a lot… Continue reading

Dropping In

Last week I dropped in with Soul Sister.  This was the first time in a while that we were able to really catch up like we used to before I moved.  I call… Continue reading

A Dream with a Deadline

“If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar This year I had the same conversation with two different people about goals.  To my surprise I learned that both… Continue reading