Heal First, Write Second – My Month of Writing

“I think you need to let God heal you, before you write,” my college mentor told me. My first week home has revolved more around re-connection then writing. Each time I sat to… Continue reading

What is Success?

“I lost feeling in my hands.” One of my friends revealed over lunch. He is an entrepreneur who built his company since he was a master’s student. For years, he worked year round… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #3 – The Journey

Happy Wednesday!   It’s only been two days of My Month of Writing. I am writing, but not what I came home to write.  I think I put too much pressure on myself.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #13 – Writing

Happy Monday.  Today I start my first day of writing the third part of my solo show.  I am tempted to start with a fresh new draft, but I fear that it maybe… Continue reading

Shake It Out – My Month of Writing

I am embarking on a personal writing journey (Mindful Monday #10: Letting Go) for the Month of May.  I will write the third part of my solo piece (The Unimaginable), which is the… Continue reading

One Life to Live

“ I got married so I could get away from my mother.”  A classmate revealed to our small group, when I was an undergrad.  Her conversation piece was completely off topic for the… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #12 – Seize the Day

Today’s Mindful Monday topic popped up Wednesday night while I talked to a girl friend.  I continued to think about the topic for the duration of the week.  It wasn’t until Sunday, that… Continue reading

I’m Sorry

I want to take a moment to apologize.  In response to last week’s theme of letting go, this week I want to talk about the power of I’m Sorry.   Since I was a… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #11 – Apologize

I’ve been thinking about apologies a lot lately.  And have three recent stories from my life that have kept this thought so fresh in my mind.  One of my girlfriends felt she had… Continue reading

How to Let Go

We are in a world hurt.  My eyes have always been wide open.  I paid attention to everything as a little girl. One thing I noticed is how many people were unhappy or… Continue reading

Wisdom Wednesday #2 – What is your Essence? Revisited

The topic of essence came up again in book club.  We already discussed what we thought the Essence of a Person is and our own essence.  This time we were given a week… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #10 – Letting go

  The time is coming for me to dive back into writing the third act of my solo piece (The Unimaginable).  I have it all figured out.  I will spend my up coming… Continue reading

Leap of Faith – Update

Last week on Mindful Monday #8 I wrote about the Leap of Faith that is calling my name. For sometime I have played with the idea of ANOTHER redirection and my reaction has… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #9 – Right on Time

I haven’t been meditating as much as I meditated last year or as much as I intended to meditate this year or really at all.  I feel the difference.  However, in my practice… Continue reading

Lessons from Listening

I talked vaguely to a co-worker about my blog in the presence of my supervisor.  Out of the blue, my supervisor asked about my blog.  I told her that I have been writing… Continue reading