Coming Full Circle

Sometimes the realization you have that point to your growth creep up on you.

Wisdom Wednesday #1 – The Power of Vulnerability

Introducing Wisdom Wednesday.  We all have wisdom of our own and things that we have come to understand at this point in our lives.  As we grow what we have come to understand… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #5 – Pleasure with Pain

Life continues to show me reflections of my former selves through the people in my life.  And it’s been very hard to digest.  I multiplied the word self into selves because I believe… Continue reading

In His Shoes

It’s always been a goal of mine to get to know people’s hearts and understand their perspective.  I’ve been doing this since I was a young girl and I’ve gotten very good at… Continue reading

UPDATE – Special Post – Cleansing My Soul

At last!  I had a breakthrough in improv!!! In my post, “Cleansing My Soul,” I resolved to break though my fear of being vulnerable so that I could have break through in my… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #4 – Empathy

My life is shifting greatly and I feel the shift.  Life is responding to my strides for growth and understanding.  I know that all the seeds I planted last year and continue to… Continue reading

Fuck It Seeds: How to Overcome Fear

Public speaking comes natural to me.  I never understood why people fear public speaking over death?  Then one day, I got the opportunity to read an original poem to an audience and I… Continue reading

Special Post: Slates for Sarah

Recently a camera assistant (AC), Sarah Jones, from Georgia, died on set (  Her death has brought a few things to light on the lengths we go through as filmmakers to make a… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #3 – Reflection

A lot happened this week which include both the wonderful and hard.  It was a challenge to find the quote for the week since everything I am learning and realizing, at this moment,… Continue reading

A Change in Perspective

Almost three years ago I was on the biggest movie of my career (at the time.)  I was successful at living and working in LA since I moved.  I was living my dream… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #2 – Power of Thought

The themes that come up in my daily life through realizations or conversations I have with friends are my inspiration for each blog post.  I usually carry a question in my mind for… Continue reading

Special Post – Post Valentine’s Day

Still feeling the Valentine’s Day blues post Valentine’s Day?  This song may help.  Imagine yourself singing this song in your future.  The lyrics are below. DIE ALONE – Written By Ingrid Ellen Egbert… Continue reading

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day – Single Edition

I have had three Valentine’s in my life.  When I moved to LA I dated a man for two months.  Our first date was the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  It’s always exciting to… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #1 – Love

  Introducing Mindful Mondays.  Every morning I read a quote, mantra or coda to start off my day.  I love a good quote.  I am always searching for good lines of truth everywhere… Continue reading

Cleansing My Soul

Last week I was on location in Houston. (This is the third time I have been on location in almost eight years since I have been in the industry and it’s the first time I… Continue reading