Mindful Monday #2 – Power of Thought

The themes that come up in my daily life through realizations or conversations I have with friends are my inspiration for each blog post.  I usually carry a question in my mind for… Continue reading

Special Post – Post Valentine’s Day

Still feeling the Valentine’s Day blues post Valentine’s Day?  This song may help.  Imagine yourself singing this song in your future.  The lyrics are below. DIE ALONE – Written By Ingrid Ellen Egbert… Continue reading

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day – Single Edition

I have had three Valentine’s in my life.  When I moved to LA I dated a man for two months.  Our first date was the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  It’s always exciting to… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #1 – Love

  Introducing Mindful Mondays.  Every morning I read a quote, mantra or coda to start off my day.  I love a good quote.  I am always searching for good lines of truth everywhere… Continue reading

Cleansing My Soul

Last week I was on location in Houston. (This is the third time I have been on location in almost eight years since I have been in the industry and it’s the first time I… Continue reading

This Isn’t Goodbye

I am on location this week.  To be on location in the film industry means that the production company I work for is shooting in a remote city, which requires travel and housing… Continue reading

The Unimaginable

I have been silent for a good part of my life. I was made fun as a girl and I never defended myself. I learned to be stoic to hide what I was… Continue reading


“Don’t give them the satisfaction that they got to you.”   My mother told me, when I was a girl. It hurt her to see me hurt. On several occasions I came home… Continue reading

Breaking Up(ward)

This month, last year, I reconnected with a classmate who has since become a friend.  It has been two months from when we met to when we reconnected. The standard thing a lot… Continue reading

Dropping In

Last week I dropped in with Soul Sister.  This was the first time in a while that we were able to really catch up like we used to before I moved.  I call… Continue reading

A Dream with a Deadline

“If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar This year I had the same conversation with two different people about goals.  To my surprise I learned that both… Continue reading

Goal Setting Can Change Your Life

Change is inevitable.  I don’t fear change, I welcome it with my goals. My life long goal is to be the best person I can be and live my best life. I think… Continue reading

Appreciate the Good

Made a gingerbread house this month! I was 10, the last time I made a gingerbread house. I have a Polaroid of my best friend and I with the gingerbread house that we… Continue reading

Home for the Holidays

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” -Cesare Pavese Coming home for the holidays had a deep meaning for me since I moved to Los Angeles. My first visit home was for Thanksgiving… Continue reading

Out with the Mold

 “This used to be my saying.” My LA Spiritual Sister liked the quote and responded, “it’s still mine.” She still uses this quote today? I thought. “’I’m pretty sure I would still use… Continue reading