Illusions of Connection

Unplugging from social media for two months brought a profound lesson in 2016.

Outlook 2017: The Cards are on the Table

 2016 was a tough year, if not the toughest, for so many people. Many negative comments regarding 2016 have populated my personal facebook feed for the past month. Never before have so many people… Continue reading

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

I don’t know what Tuesday holds for us? If it is anything like how 2016 election night was and the despair felt among many populations, we need to brace ourselves. Hope for the best… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #140 – Define Happiness

As kids we dream big. What adults see as abstract and impossible, is possible to to a child. As kids, we want to be mothers, teachers, hair dressers, doctors, lawyer, waiters, dancers and zoologist.… Continue reading

Wisdom #75 – An Honest Thank You Letter

It’s…not Wednesday, but this wisdom is too good to wait until Wednesday to be shared. The deeper I get into my mindfulness practice the harder it is for me to be around inauthenticity.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #139 – Baby Steps

It’s Monday! I have a week left of wrap on my current movie. Then I am unemployed the rest of the year until the next movie comes my way. I plan to use… Continue reading

Blind Trust

I’m filled with emotion. I just saw a screening of a movie that I worked on last fall, called “La La Land”. It was amazing and is perhaps the best movie I have… Continue reading

‘No Longer the Quiet, Shy Girl Who was in Pain’

I never planned to be here. I never thought I would write this blog, write this consistently and live the life I am living. Today is my three-year anniversary of starting The Illuminated Voice. This blog started out… Continue reading

When Did Consistency Become Novelty?

“Stephanie…” my friend, the novelist, got my attention as we sat at a large group dinner. He paused and searched for what he wanted to say. “You’re …” I waited for him to speak.… Continue reading

The Beauty of Timing

I wrapped a movie last week, I started a new movie this week, I’ve been working with a non-profit for the past few Saturdays and I am taking classes in my limited down… Continue reading

Wisdom #74 – Sticky Notes & Subway Therapy

How can you be an agent of love and light?

What Do I Tell The Girls?

Fear occurs when we stop living in our present.

I Believe in You.

Within each of us exists an endless supply of love.

Tune #40 – Be What Tomorrow Needs

Tomorrow is TUESDAY and not like any other Tuesday. It’s election day. My stomach is in knots. After a group meditation last week, my heart dropped as I heard two women say that they would… Continue reading

Wisdom #73 – Honor Your Ancestors

Remember you are an expression of your mothers love. I helped my friend write a condolence note this week. We finished the message with the quote above. I felt those words in my heart as I… Continue reading