Wisdom #74 – Sticky Notes & Subway Therapy

How can you be an agent of love and light?

What Do I Tell The Girls?

Fear occurs when we stop living in our present.

I Believe in You.

Within each of us exists an endless supply of love.

Tune #40 – Be What Tomorrow Needs

Tomorrow is TUESDAY and not like any other Tuesday. It’s election day. My stomach is in knots. After a group meditation last week, my heart dropped as I heard two women say that they would… Continue reading

Wisdom #73 – Honor Your Ancestors

Remember you are an expression of your mothers love. I helped my friend write a condolence note this week. We finished the message with the quote above. I felt those words in my heart as I… Continue reading

Mindful Meditation #138 – Live in Nonresistance

My life is accelerating… all at once. I can hardly catch my breath. I hardly have enough time to rest. I feel like I am being pushed and pulled at the same time… Continue reading

Wisdom #72 – How Wolves Change Rivers

“We are shaped by people we encounter and shape the people we encounter. “

Mindful Monday #137 – The Source of Our Greatest Strength

  This past Friday I wrote a post titled “She told me to stay single.” The post is a real life account of a woman I met this year that kindly told me… Continue reading

She Told Me to Stay Single

In a room filled with the chatter of over 200 people, I only heard her words. The crowd was muted by a truth, her truth, that she spoke to me. This year has… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #136 – … And So It Is.

“And so it is!” A phrase so simple but carries so much power. It is a definite yes and serves as a gentle reminder to anyone who speaks it. As I get older, I have… Continue reading

Tune #40 – Oh!

“Nothing in my life has changed this year with the exception of [one thing].” My friend told me as we caught up last week. Even though I started the conversation, I deliberately did… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #135 – Meet Someone New

Create a space to invite possibility into your life.

Tune #39 – Hope Will Lead Us On

“[This song] made me think of you and your journey,” brother Teddy texted me one afternoon in February.  He sent a link to the song, “Hope Will Lead Us On,” by the Barlow Girl.… Continue reading

Mindful Monday #134 – Moving Forward

My bags are packed and I am moving forward. I have been packing light these days. I never realized the weight of the bags, or the that I was carrying bags prior to… Continue reading

Wisdom #71 – Life’s Natural Rhythm

My birthday was this past Wednesday. I had no expectations for the day. I made no special birthday plans this year and my day was filled with many surprises and reconnections from friends I have not… Continue reading